I’m glad everything has been invented already too

Unfortunately I cannot find the video clip on-line (ok, I did not search that hard) but I have a distinct memory of an interview a while back with an older elementary/young middle school student who was commenting on how he was happy to have come after his parents generation. I distinctly remember his comment that basically everything in technology had been invented. To him the iThis and iThat were the beginning of the end of the technology road. What else could one need?

I certainly admire the fact that he is content and I suppose many of us do live in extreme comfort when it comes to technological gadgetry but is there “nothing new under the sun”? I certainly hope not. In fact, I know we need more innovation  every time I get frustrated trying to parse data into a database or deal with date manipulations in code.  You would think concepts like that should barely require human intervention at all at this point! No, it may be tempting to get caught in the “tyranny of the present” and think the road ahead is littered with me too social networks, coupon sites and nextVilles but there is plenty of space for genuine innovation and invention (and successful, well marketed me too concepts).  We are shifting, if not already, into an economy of abundance where our ability to create and impact the life of others is unprecedented.

In fact, I would venture to say that we have at least until glasses tell you everything and we all fly to work until the world of innovation ends.  Yikes, that may be closer than we think!


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